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Our History

The 1960’s

  • County boards of mental retardation and developmental disabilities established by Senate Bill 169 with authority to request local tax levies through the county commissioners
  • Anthony Wayne School established to meet education needs of eligible individuals with mental retardation and developmental disabilities through high school graduation

The 1970’s

  • Programs and services continue to evolve to address needs of eligible individuals and families

The 1980’s

  • Local programs designed to address the needs of adults after high school are enhanced including establishing day service and sheltered workshop space
  • Locally, Wayne Industries (sheltered workshop), is built on Jaysville-St. John’s Road

The 1990’s

  • School-age individuals with developmental disabilities are educated in the least restrictive environment with their peers, not a separate school for people with developmental disabilities
  • Supports are expanded to provide opportunities for individuals to live independently in their community including the introduction of Medicaid waiver funding

The 2000’s to present

  • The State of Ohio shifts funding for educational services away from Boards of DD to local education authorities to support education of preschool and school-age students
  • Growing funding source for DD Boards is Medicaid as local County Boards of DD become ‘Medicaid Local Administrative Authorities’
  • Medicaid waiver funding increases in Darke County funding less than 20 waivers in the 1990’s to 134 waivers in 2015
  • Preschool funding shifts from unit funding to per pupil funding – DD Board no longer receives State preschool funding for services
  • Community Employment becomes the preferred outcome for individuals eligible for DD services in Ohio
  • Integrated community-based services are required for individuals served rather than facility-based services
  • County Boards of DD must follow conflict-free case management requirement for person-centered plan development and service delivery
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