Community First Services – Employment & Education

Employment First

Employment First means you are given a chance to think about having a job in the community as a first choice.  During your discussion about Employment First, you will be given opportunity to think about questions like:  Where do I want to work?  What do I like to do?  What am I good at?  And What are my goals?

During your person-centered planning process – a meeting led by you with a team of people who are important to you – you determine what your job goals are and can make choices about how to reach those goals.  As part of your person-centered planning process, you choose your job goal and where you are on the path to employment.

Darke DD staff will help you understand the types of employment services available to you to support you on the path to employment.  Services will include a benefits analysis to help you understand the changes that might happen to your benefits if you have a job in the community.  Other services may include community employment supports, pre-vocational services, or supported employment.

Darke DDEmployment First