Community Services – Service Coordination

Health and Safety


County Boards of DD track incidents that occur in your life that are out of the ordinary or pose a risk to your health and safety.  A Major Unusual Incident (MUI) is any alleged, suspected or actual incident that adversely affects the health, safety or welfare of an individual with a disability supported by Darke DD. County Boards of DD are responsible for the immediate action, investigation, and prevention planning for each incident, which are then reviewed by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD).  Any alleged incident of criminal nature is turned over to law enforcement for investigation. MUIs can be reported to Darke DD by staff, individuals with disabilities, families, providers, or the general public in a variety of ways, including the after-hours emergency hotline at (937) 423-2810.


To ensure safety standards, any organization providing waiver-funded services to individuals with developmental disabilities, must regularly complete provider compliance reviews. Reviews are conducted by the DODD Office of Provider Standards and Review (OPSR) and take place at the end of the provider’s term license or at least once every five years.


Service and Support Administrators (SSAs) are responsible for the ongoing coordination and monitoring of an individual’s individual service plan. They use person-centered planning to develop, review and revise an individual’s service plan as well as gauge progress toward desired outcomes outlined in the ISP. Review and revisions to the individual service plan occur whenever a change in services is requested but is reviewed at least annually.

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