Services for Adults

All people are valuable and have potential

Adults face many decisions in life, such as where to work, where to live, exploring new interests and talents, forming new friendship, or how to make ends meet on a limited budget.  Adults with developmental disabilities are no different.  Darke DD listens to you and supports your life choices with the right resources and connections.  After your SSA creates your individualized person-centered service plan, you will then be connected to providers or natural supports to assist you in achieving your life goals.  Services can be provided by a wide selection of quality providers.  When you choose a quality provider(s), your SSA will stay by your side to provide ongoing coordination of your services.

Based on your assessed need, there is a wide array of services available for adults.  Each individualized service plan contains a self-directed budget for services that considers your earnings, Medicaid dollars available (if eligible), and local dollars from Darke DD’s operating levy to pay for the services and supports necessary to live a good life.

Darke DDServices for Adults