Community Services – Service Coordination

Service and Support Administration (SSA)

Darke DD Service and Support Administrators, or SSAs, listen to you, your family, caregivers, and other important people in your life to assess challenges, goals, and opportunities of your life situation.  Our SSAs develop individual (person-centered) service plans, or ISPs, that connect you and your family to providers within the community that can help you achieve your vision of a happy, satisfying life.  You always have the right to choose the SSA that best suits your needs.  Based on your eligibility for supports, service coordination is provided to you at no cost.

Service and Support Administrators are the primary point of coordination for your services.  Your SSA works closely with you throughout your experiences with Darke DD including eligibility determination, coordination of assessments to determine what is important to you and for you, development of your person-centered plan (ISP), development of your budget for services, assistance in selecting your provider of choice, coordination of services, and assessment of service delivery.

If you are interested in starting the planning process, contact us to get started.

Darke DDService and Support Administrators (SSA’s)