A Day of Pampering


Last Friday night was a very special night for many people with disabilities in Darke County as they attended their 4th annual Prom.  This wonderful event was totally free for attendees and is coordinated each year by Dennis Wheeler, Pastor of Versailles Christian Church, and his congregation.  Many people donated their time, gifts, and talents to make this night possible.

Pictured above are Connie Norris, Evelyn Sharp, Denise Palivec and Stacy Gibson

Pictured above are Connie Norris, Evelyn Sharp, Denise Palivec and Stacy Gibson

D & Co. Stylists Denise Palivec, Evelyn Sharp and Stacy Gibson blocked out four hours at the Greenville salon to offer free hairstyles for any lady going to the event.   They really took their time with each person and asked about their style and color of dress and what kind of hairstyle they had in mind.  Some of the ladies had never had their hair done in a “style” so they showed them several different ways they could do their hair and the ladies made the final decision.  There were many up-dos and lots of curling and hairspray (even some glitter) and the ladies loved it!

Connie Norris, a recently retired Mary Kay Director, donated her time and make-up to finish off the look.  She also consulted with the ladies on what would look nice with the colors they were wearing for the evening.  Some of the ladies were not even sure if they wanted to wear make-up, but the transformations spoke for themselves, there were lots of smiles and laughter.  By all accounts, this was a wonderful experience that only made the evening more memorable.

The ladies who attended the prom are not the only ones who benefitted from this, Denise and her group have donated their time and talents every year and will continue to do so because they love it so much.   She has already asked to be contacted for next year.   “It is an amazing thing to be able to give back to the community.  We love having the ladies come in and see their transformations with hair and make-up.”  said Denise.

Some comments from the ladies were that they thought the stylists were so nice and made them feel “extra special” for the day.  One lady said what she liked most was getting to talk to them, “they were really nice and kind!”  Another said it was “cool” because when she gets a haircut, they just blow dry it, “I’ve never had all the curls and hairspray before…so it was “cool!”  Another said, “I can’t believe they did all of this for us for free – you know, they could have charged us!”

Most of these ladies do not wear make-up or fix their hair on a daily basis, when asked how they felt after their make-over, they told me….. “I felt pretty,”  “I felt really good,”  “I felt beautiful,”  “I felt happy,”   “I felt great”, and one lady said “I felt more like myself.”

Sometimes you don’t realize that the small things you do for someone can have such a major effect on them, “this is just a few hours out of our day, and to think that we were able to help these ladies feel good about themselves and enjoy a special evening is priceless.”

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