March 2017 Developmental Disabilities Awareness

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“Working In My Community”

In celebration of March Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, we take a look at how local employers have had a positive impact on their community by hiring someone with a disability, and how those employees with a disability have in-turn had a positive impact on their employer. Ohio’s Employment First initiative turns 5 years old this month (March 2017). Launched by Governor Kasich’s Executive Order in March 2012, Employment First founding statute states that all individuals shall be presumed capable of community employment. “Presumption of employability” means that agencies start with the presumption that all people can work if provided with appropriate supports. Resources, like time and money, should be invested to determine how, not if, a person can be successful in community employment. We invite you to explore the ways Darke DD is helping individuals we serve to work in their community.

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